Kevin Coffey, a dynamic and unique speaker, is both an active police detective and crime avoidance expert, who offers his expertise and advice with just the right amount of humor. The below videos will give you a sample of some of the information provided by Detective Kevin Coffey during his presentations.

Traveler Beware! Audio Book Information

Travel Safety and Security Expert Detective Kevin Coffey has taken his 35 years of experience of crimes committed against travelers and condensed it into a 75-minute audio presentation so travelers can better prepare themselves on how to avoid the most common methods and techniques used by thieves who target travelers. Realistically, you have a much greater risk falling victim to a pickpocket or travel street scam than to a violent crime while traveling. By listening to this audio program, travelers can think ahead and listen to advice on how to reduce your victim potential from the start of their trip to coming home.

Without fail, all of the frequent travelers, who have listened to this program, have learned something from this travel safety audio presentation and recommend it. Whether you are a serious road warrior who travels 100 times a year, or a high school or college student traveling abroad, everyone is guaranteed to learn something from Detective Coffey.

This information-rich travel safety audio program is loaded with strategies and eye-opening tips on how to outfox both opportunistic and professional thieves and reduce your chances of becoming a mark for professional pickpockets, con artists, and identity thieves. It describes the latest scams that can occur in locations where travelers frequent such as airports, taxi cabs, shuttle buses, and even in public bathrooms!