Kevin Coffey - aka "The Scholar of Thievery"

Professional Speaker - Travel Safety Expert - Author

Detective Kevin Coffey is an internationally known safety expert, who helps organizations and their employees reduce travel, meeting, hospitality, and personal related risk.

  • Det. Coffey’s presentations are the best of over three decades of real crime experience with one of the largest police department’s in the United States
  • Kevin has an innate talent for articulating risk reduction and response ideas that just make sense
  • He has spoken to and consulted for some of the world’s most influential corporations

Detective Coffey’s background is unique. A highly decorated officer, Kevin developed his expertise during his 35-year law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department( LAPD), from where he is now retired. When the media needs an expert they look to Kevin as a subject matter expert. Kevin’s media appearances include  The Oprah Winfrey Show, 20/20, The Travel Channel, NBC, CNN and he has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, INC, Los Angeles Times,  plus many more publications and broadcasts.

His message resonates with travel industry associations, top corporations, and US government agencies.

His first-hand crime experiences within his assignment of investigating airport and travel related crime gave him a first-hand look at how crime occurs, and more importantly how to avoid it. He now shares this information in a series of risk reduction and response presentations for the public, as well as the travel, meeting, and hospitality industries.

Traveler Beware Audio Book by Detective Kevin Coffey, Travel Safety expert

Additionally, he has taken his knowledge regarding travel crime avoidance and incorporated it into his book “Traveler Beware! An Undercover Cop’s Guide to Avoiding Pickpockets, Luggage Theft, and Travel Scams.”


Kevin’s Passion is Your Benefit

From a very young age Kevin knew he would protect and serve others via his career in law enforcement.  His specialized knowledge of crimes committed against travelers and how to best avoid them in the first place empowers professionals in the meeting industry, as well as business and leisure travelers. He believes every road warrior and novice traveler should minimize their victim potential, therefore he loves sharing his accumulated knowledge with all types of audiences.

Retired from active duty with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Kevin remains involved as a reserve officer training and teaching other officers. He lives in the greater Los Angeles area with his wife Connie and son Christopher. Kevin is also passionate about the stewardship of the environment and enjoys hiking the local trails, skiing, and of course, traveling.

We invite you to learn more about Kevin Coffey and how his keynotes presentations and training seminars could benefit your organization.