Laptop and Mobile Device Theft Prevention

The deployment of laptops among mobile workforces has increased productivity. However, with the technology and access to information that makes them so useful comes also a Pandora’s Box of security and risk management concerns regarding the amount of confidential data exposed to loss and theft.

Approximately 650,000 notebook computers are lost or stolen each year. Many of these thefts result in network breaches and compromised confidential data, not to mention a significant financial loss. New laws now require organizations to enhance their security policies and practices to include employee training. International, federal, and state regulations which mandate compliance on protecting data are HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Sarbanes-Oxley, and California SB1386, all have specific wording that details training and compliance issues related to laptops and mobile devices.

  • Do you store or collect financial, insurance, or healthcare-related data? How about pricing structures, new product information, legal files, employee/client records including social security and account numbers, addresses, etc.
  • Savvy thieves can potentially access your entire company’s database from a stolen laptop. Over 57% of all network breaches are from laptops.
  • Do your mobile employees really understand the value of the data that they carry with them on the road?

A laptop theft prevention seminar addresses many risks which security software and hardware devices cannot. Reduce your corporate risk by training your mobile computer users and changing their behavior. Train employees to help safeguard company information assets. They need to truly understand how vulnerable their company’s and client’s data is while on the road. An employee with a basic knowledge of mobile security is able to make safer and smarter choices when traveling.

This laptop theft prevention seminar changes the way your employees treat your company’s hardware and valuable company/client data. Detective Coffey crafts the seminar to be organization-specific to ensure it is in line with related policies to complete your data protection policies and practices. The program is designed not only to increase the audiences knowledge and awareness of data/laptop protection but also to influence appropriate employee behavior at all levels of the workforce from the end user to the corporate manager. The goal of the presentation is to have employees become active partners in the company’s existing data security program.

Topics of the laptop theft prevention seminar are:

  • Step-by-step “how-to’s” for securing your mobile devices from theft while on the road.
  • Most likely locations and scenarios which result in laptop loss and theft.
  • Mobile employees’ responsibility towards protecting an organization’s and their clients’ information.
  • Tactics and solutions that help protect mobile devices and sensitive corporate data.
  • Baseline knowledge of laptop theft prevention.
  • Understanding of regulatory compliance issues surrounding the protected data they carry with them.
  • What laptop thieves don’t want you to know.
  • Actual crime footage of actual laptop thefts and interviews with professional laptop thieves.

Attendees of Detective Coffey’s Laptop Theft Awareness Program leave the presentation with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and individual role regarding the protection of company/client data. This laptop theft prevention seminar is ideal for sales meetings, safety training programs, and annual meetings.