GBTA Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care: A Guide for Travel Managers and Suppliers

Detective Kevin Coffey Travel Safety Expert and Speaker

If you’re a travel manager or industry supplier partner, this is a must-attend program as it addresses traveler safety and your growing responsibility in ensuring it. We will learn to understand duty of care from both sides. This travel risk reduction presentation offers travel managers and supplier partners the latest advice regarding travel safety as it relates to your roles, duty of care standards, and discusses current best practices. You’ll hear about actionable security strategies and low-cost solutions to include in your protocols for ensuring the safety of your travelers and customers. Additionally, this program provides tools that can help managers review and evaluate whether their in-house travel risk and duty of care procedures meet industry standards.

After this program, the attendees will understand:

    1. Benchmarking your organization against other current best practices when it comes to addressing the safety and security of their travelers – as well as the duty of care obligations.
    2. How and when to address travelers about travel safety.
    3. Most cost-effective steps to accomplish this training.
    4. Unique hotel site inspection considerations.
    5. Practical advice on the most common security, safety, health and safety issues facing business travelers today.

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