family finds hidden camera in cruise ship cabin

Hidden Camera Found in Cruise Ship Cabin – Who Would Have Thought

We’ve heard about hidden cameras in hotels, changing rooms, bathrooms, and Airbnb’s and I’m the first one to say that these occurrences are extremely limited. However, I’ve also written that just because these are “limited” incidents, organizations should consider sharing information about these incidents so their travelers can be proactive in their discovery. Recently I was very surprised when a news story broke of a family finding a hidden camera in their cruise ship stateroom, which was pointed directly at their bed. Florida Family Finds Hidden Camera...
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How to Avoid Carjacking

Stealing a car by force in not a new crime, but statistically, your chances of being a carjacking victim are very slim. However, there are a few prevention actions one can take to reduce the risk even more. Tactics for Safety Carjacking – What Is It? Carjacking is a violent crime that has been on a dramatic increase. It is a crime in which a car is taken from a person by force–at gunpoint or knifepoint, for instance. Carjacking May...
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Women Safety Tips From A Woman Cop

Tips for women on staying safe! These are well worth passing on and are common sense for men, too. Please read this information from a woman who works for the police department. I have to share some things I have learned in my job with you. In my job, I review criminal and psychiatric files of imprisoned sex offenders, who are approaching their release date. I decide if they are likely to re-offend based on certain criteria and then civilly commit...
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Your Airline Ticket and Boarding Pass

When you get your airline ticket from your travel agent or from the airline, it will look like a booklet with long, narrow leaves printed on heavy stock paper. Each of these cards is devoted to one flight segment of your trip. The last card is your receipt. The receipt is what you would, typically, give to your employer if you are traveling on an expense account. There might be additional pages devoted to advertising or legalese fine print When...
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Hotel Safety Tips For Travelers

Before your trip Copy all credit cards, airline tickets, passports and important documents, front and back. Jewelry and luggage and all valuables should be photographed prior to trip. What to look for in a safe hotel: If possible, select a hotel with has installed modern electronic guest room locks. The majority of these locks automatically change the lock combination with every new guest so there is little chance of someone having a duplicate key to your room. If you lose...
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