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Laptop Theft Video

 Now You See It, Now You Don't:  
Preventing Laptop Computer Theft 

a  professional VHS Video Tape Presentation with Trainer's Guide and Test

Just released.....A new training video tape addressing the rapidly increasing problems of Lap Top Computer theft with advice and tips on theft prevention .  "NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DONíT, Preventing Lap Top Computer Theft" is a powerful and stimulating presentation that creates an awareness of the growing  problem and how to avoid becoming a victim. 

The tape examines the value of the computer, not only in real dollar cost but also in the information it contains, information that may be worth thousands. Consider the value of  new product designs, client lists, yours or your client's  proprietary information, pricing structures, employee information, etc.   It may be worth millions to competitors.  That's right, industrial espionage is a real threat, and you'll be surprised where the majority of laptops are stolen.  This video could shed a new light on how you and your company think about laptop theft. 

The presentation guides the viewer through a series of potential theft opportunities while illustrating the incorrect and correct methods of theft prevention.  Dramatic examples show the viewer what to look for and how to avoid "High-Risk" situations.  The viewer will be amazed at the vulnerability of the laptop and where the most thefts occur.  It also examines various mechanical and electronic methods of theft prevention as well as simple ways to aid in the recovery process should the unexpected happen. 

Over 350,000 stolen last year and the numbers are on the rise!

The video also looks at the various types of security products that are on the market that can aid in the prevention of theft plus the recovery process should a theft occur. 


3/15/02 Booklist - American Library Association:  
"Considering that laptop computer theft is on the rise, this practical guide is a valuable resource to help computer owners protect their equipment.  After addressing theft rates, replacement costs, resale value, and other issues, the program uses voice-over narration and various reenactments of robbery scenarios in airports, offices, automobiles, and other locals to show viewers how to avoid computer theft.  Ranging from familiar smash-and-grab approaches to more subtle tactics that involve accomplices who divert attention, the scenarios help viewers understand how to anticipate and thwart laptop thievery." "This cautionary how-to is recommended."  -  Jeff Dick

4/9/02 Information Security Magazine-
"Now You See It, Now You Don't: Preventing Laptop Computer Theft" is a training video that touches on the obvious and not-so-obvious ways to prevent laptop theft. The 20-minute video suggests some simple measures for deterring a thief, including keeping your laptop bag in front of you while using a pay phone or sitting in an airport. The video points out numerous laptop theft scams, usually involving two individuals: In one scenario, someone will ask for directions, distracting the laptop owner, while the other person snatches the bag. Another scam happens at an airport, where thieves hold up the security checkpoint line after someone puts his or her laptop on the conveyor belt. The video recommends other theft deterrents, including physical locks, motion sensors and software that encrypts data in the event the laptop is lost or stolen. While most of the lessons are pure common sense, the video has many useful tips. 

An organization looking to educate its employees may think nothing of the price tag, figuring that an instructional video is a lot less than replacing a $3,000 laptop, not to mention the missing data.

The video is 20 minutes of solid information (no Fluff) and comes with a trainer's guide and test. Price $149.95.  To order see the product order form at the end of the products link, or call our office for assistance.  

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