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Best Travel Pillow

We have all taken that long airline trip and dreeded the thought of trying to sleep in a comfortable position. In order to help our comfort level we seach for the right travel pillow that will help us sleep, but many times we don't know what to look for. Typically, travelers purchase travel pillows at airport gift shops and are very limited to one, maybe two styles. But if you do a little more reseach you will find a wide variety of travel pillows and airline pillows on the market that will give you better sleeping solutions.

The most common features a traveler should look for in the best travel pillow is one that provides great neck and head which should provide comfort in-flight or on the road. The best designs allow you to sleep in an upright position stopping your neck and head from rolling uncomfortably or hyper-extending.

Many airlines have stopped carrying free courtesy airline pillows to save costs. Passengers must fend for themselves for comfort on long trips! If you are on a long flight your options for achieving good sleep and avoiding painful neck cramps are very limited. You can roll up a shirt or jacket, lean on the person next to you, or try to sleep without being woken up by your head falling forward or to the side. 

Komfort Kollar - The Wall Street Jopurnal Recommended Wrap Around Travel Pillow

Your other option is to buy a regular U-shaped pillow, but you have seen travelers use these, and they allow your head to droop forward or to the side during sleep.  Either way, if you do get to sleep, you have a good chance of waking up with a stiff neck, which for some, takes days to go away. Now you can rest peacefully and wake uu, rested, relaxed and ready for your arrival, be it for business or pleasure. So why do so many people buy cheap travel pillows that fail to work as promised?

That question was on the mind of Dr. Melvin Cheatham, a renowned spinal surgeon, author and Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery who likes to travel. Several years ago, he returned from another trip and tossed another failed travel pillow into a drawer. In it was a pile of more U-shaped pillows that had promised sound sleep at a bargain price, only to start leaking after takeoff or failing to offer better support. Disappointed yet again, his mind was made up to do something about the problem.

As both an expert in the field of spinal medicine and a serious global traveller, he set out to design a pillow that worked as advertised and truly succeeded in offering fellow travelers the comfort and sleep they needed. Borrowing from over 35 years of clinical and private practice, he designed a pillow so revolutionary, it was awarded a patent!

At 30,000 feet in the air, Dr. Cheatham, a spine surgeon with over 35 years of experience treating neck pain, saw how ineffective and uncomfortable regular travel pillows were and set out to make his own pillow that that would be more comfortable for the traveler.  He looked at every travel and neck pillow on the market, carefully charting both the advantages and poor design features of each

Outstanding Design Features Not Found On Any Other Travel Pillow komfort kollar - airline pillow travel pillow

After examining and testing all of the other travel pillows on the market, Dr. Cheatham focused his design attention on supporting the traveler’s cervical spine, and the surrounding neck area from every angle, including the chin.  After building in the necessary features to address these issues, the Komfort Kollar was born - the world’s most comfortable neck support system, which features have never been found on any other travel pillow.

 Komfort Kollar Full Neck and
Spine Support

Knowing that the Komfort Kollar's main benefit needed to be focused on supporting the traveler’s cervical spine and surrounding neck area from every angle, including the chin.

The Komfort Kollar’s number one design feature is its ability to support the chin, so that while a traveler is sitting, their head wouldn't droop forward, or to the side, resulting in a painful awakening from hyper flexion. 

That’s the magic of the Komfort Kollar.

The Komfort Kollar Travel Pillow is Completely Adjustable!  Made to Fit Your Neck- Not Everyone Else’s

Unlike other inflatable travel pillows which cannot be adjusted, the Komfort Kollar is completely adjustable for every traveler's personal comfort level and size with the benefit of two adjustability features:

Selecting the right size is the key to a comfortable relaxing fit with the Komfort Kollar:

To insure the right fit  you need to know your neck's circumference. To measure your neck size, use a measuring tape or string to determine how long (i.e. around) it is. Some necksvary in size, which is why the Komfort Kollar is easily adjustable using the Velcro strap. Here is the sizing chart to help you select the right Komfort Kollar model:


EZ Sleep Travel Pillow - World's Most Effective Travel Pillow

Tired from all the flying? Fear getting stuck with that dreaded middle seat and never getting a chance to sleep? The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow solves your upright sitting sleeping challenges. Unlike any other travel pillow on the market today, the EZ Travel pillow is super simple and easy to use, and provides the most usable size of any inflatable travel pillow.  This Travel pillow is guaranteed to help you get the best sleep you'll ever have on a plane or motor coach when you are forced to sleep in an upright position - especially if you get that dreaded middle seat. 

This Travel Pillow also adds a degree of privacy which never existed before between you and the person next to you. This is a great product that is a “must have” travel comfort item, especially if you have a long flight coming up what want to increase your chances of comfort when trying to sleep. The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow is proven to be a versatile traveling companion. Unlike most travel pillows, that can only be used to support your neck if you can recline.

The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow can be used in any seat, on airplanes, trains, buses, motor coaches, as well as many other situations and positions when you may be forced to sleep in a sitting position. Rather than relying on the ability to lean back in your seat as with most travel pillows, the EZ Travel Pillow recognizes that this is not always easy or possible. Even if you can lean back, the angle may be too small to allow sleep without your head falling forward and instantly waking you up!

To use the EZ Sleep Travel Pillow you lean against a large inflatable pillow rather than the airplane, train, or motor coach backward to rest your head. The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow does not require any particular configuration of the seat. It doesn't matter if the seat tilts back, how high the seat back is, or where, or even if there is any sort of head rest. The EZ Sleep Travel Pillow can be used with any airplane, train or motor coach seat, in the car, as well as many other situations and positions when you may need to rest in an upright position.

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